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SDKA’s battery headphone is the reliable wireless headphone perfect for all kinds of situations.
It can switch between up to 3 channels of audio, and stays hard at work with easily replaceable AAA batteries that last up to 20 hours.
They are a smart black headphone that folds up tidily after use for compact storage.

Great for Cinema and AV

As used by leading Rooftop Cinema and leading Outdoor and Experience Cinema events. Also chosen for Audio Visual applications as diverse as Cruise Ships, Theatres, Exhibitions and Universities.

Simple Operation.

Connect to Audio. Switch on. That’s it. No complicated pairing or configurations.
Even if you add more headphones or transmitters in future, it all just works out the box – so you can spend your time looking after guests.

With 3 possible channels, there are loads of different ways people use the battery headphones. Show a film in 3 different languages simultaneously. Listen to X Box in the lounge, whilst showing a film on another screen, hold a dance party in the garden and Karaoke upstairs. All at the same time and without disturbing anybody. Any headphone can listen to any audio at anytime.

Easy Expansion

Start small, grow big. You can add more transmitters for extra channels of sound (up to 3), or unlimited extra headphones for more guests. It all works instantly.

Power Saving Functionality

The battery headphones will automatically switch off after 10 minutes of not receiving any broadcasted channel. Not only does this save loads of battery power, it also saves your time at the end of an event – no need to switch all the headphones off.

Ideal for Conference and Corporate Events.

The battery headphone is a popular at major exhibitions and conferences, with inspired features like a 28mm space to add your own logo, simple 1 button operation and smart elegant design. You can use to offer one or more translated channels for foreign delegates, or create an area within a busy exhibition hall for people to block out the world with headphones, and become absorbed in your presentation or guest speaker.

Active Noise Reduction

These battery Headphones have internal systems to reduce background noise from audio and transmission to give you crystal clean sound.

Phase-Lock Loop Technology

Phase-Lock Loop technology prevents signal loss over longer distances or in unusual environments.

Compact Storage

The battery headphone folds away securely to minimise space and protect itself in transit. 60 Bobs fit immaculately in an optional storage container, in perfect rows of 4×5.

Auxiliary Socket

When turned off, the auxiliary socket is taken as an audio input, allowing the battery headphone to be used as a standard pair of headphones.
When turned on, the auxiliary socket will output the currently selected channel.

Plays for Hours

20Hrs battery life- for multiple nights of entertainment. AAA Battery powered with easy access – swap out batteries in under 5 Seconds

Legal and License Free

Using the ACMA approved 433-434MHz, Battery headphone is legal to use with compatible transmitters throughout Australia.

Built to Last

Rigorously tested in the pouring rain, bounced off concrete floors and getting sweaty in boiling tents at hundreds of festivals and events.

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